Collateral Attraction


She'll do anything to save her twin sister…
Even if it means trusting the wrong man.

Small town shop owner Billie is nothing like her identical twin sister, Blythe, who's living the glamorous life in New York City complete with tropical vacations and shopping sprees courtesy of her polo-playing billionaire boyfriend, Ethan Kheiron.

But when Ethan's no-nonsense brother, Heath, accuses Blythe of a crime Billie knows her sister did not commit, she'll do anything to prove him wrong even if it means pretending to be someone she's not.

Yet there's more to this deadly game than meets the eye. And not even a life of luxury, personal shopping sprees, and private jets can hide the years of unresolved resentment between the sisters, nor the decades of lies that have left the Kheiron family divided. And as Billie finds herself falling for Heath, she knows that until they all settle their differences and work together, they're just pawns in someone else's game of power – where some of them are more expendable than others.


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