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Liz Durano grew up in Cebu City, Philippines and writes contemporary romance, women’s fiction, and romantic suspense. Though she studied Journalism and Advertising in college, she discovered that she preferred writing fiction over news and ad copy.

She has worked as a radio newscaster (Y101), freelance journalist, physical therapy technician and currently runs a private bodywork practice in the South Bay. Her first love, however, is writing, and when she’s not busy writing out angsty romance, you can find her hanging out with her family and drinking lots of coffee.

Her favorite authors are Harold Robbins, Neil Gaiman, Diana Gabaldon, Arthur Golden, Shirley Jackson, and John Sandford. She’s still working through her old copy of Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time and counts that book among her favorites as well although she keeps getting stuck in the beginning… probably has to do with madeleines and tea.

Her Books

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At forty, her perfectly planned life fell apart…

When her husband leaves her for a younger woman, transplant surgeon Harlow James finds herself alone, without family, and barely a career. So she trades the bright lights of Manhattan for the open road and ends up at the Pearl, a sustainable home outside of Taos, New Mexico where she hopes to find out where she went wrong.

But her quiet retreat is shattered when the home’s owner, custom craftsman, Dax Drexel, arrives sooner than expected, and Harlow finds herself with the perfect distraction. For Dax is everything she never thought she’d want in a man. He’s gorgeous, rough around the edges and way too young.

He may also be the one man who can give her everything she’s always wanted.
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A booty call. A stuck elevator. A chance to fall in love again.

Three years after her ex-boyfriend left her to pursue his Hollywood dream, barista Riley Eames’ life is still on hold, hindered by questions only he can answer. So when he asks to meet her for a booty call while he’s in town, she reluctantly agrees, only to find herself stuck in the hotel elevator with rising British star, Ashe Hunter.

He's gorgeous, charming, and before the night is over, smitten.

But a celebrity romance may not be enough to get Riley’s life moving again, not when the answers to the questions she’s been seeking are finally revealed, leading her to question what is true in her life - like moving on...

...and falling in love.
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Hollywood star Ashe Hunter has done many things to get ahead – some things best kept hidden from the public eye.

But when someone from his past threatens to reveal his darkest secrets, how far will he go to keep them from the woman he loves?

To his fans, Ashe Hunter is the perfect man, the classically trained British actor taking Hollywood and Broadway by storm. To his American girlfriend, Riley Eames, he is a man in love who'll do anything to keep her safe from the prying eyes of paparazzi suddenly digging into her life.

But to someone from his past, Ashe is her ticket to Hollywood fame, and she'll do anything to get it even if it means tearing down the perfect image he built for himself long after he left her.
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Identical twin sisters. Feuding billionaire brothers. A deadly web of lies.

Small town shop owner Billie is nothing like her identical twin sister, Blythe, who's living the glamorous life in New York City complete with tropical vacations and shopping sprees courtesy of her polo-playing billionaire boyfriend, Ethan Kheiron.

But when Ethan's no-nonsense brother, Heath, accuses Blythe of a crime Billie knows her sister did not commit, she'll do anything to prove him wrong even if it means pretending to be someone she's not.

Yet there's more to this deadly game than meets the eye.

For not even a life of luxury, personal shopping sprees, and private jets can hide the years of unresolved resentment between the sisters, nor the decades of lies that have left the Kheiron family divided. And as Billie finds herself falling for Heath, she knows that until they all settle their differences and work together, they're just pawns in someone else's game of power – where some of them are more expendable than others.
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Sam Martin just can’t catch a break.

A single mother with an ex-husband who won’t take no for an answer, she’s seen all her dreams shattered one by one. But it takes the death of her best friend to make Sam realize that she’s got to take charge of her life once and for all, even if it’s going to be the hardest thing she’ll ever do. For when one’s life is met by one disappointment after another - from growing up with a drug-addicted mother and moving from foster home after foster home - how can she expect anything else?

But for her son’s sake, Sam knows she has to try...

When she meets community doctor Erik Maystrom and his widowed sister, Olivia, they show her a world filled with possibilities, from returning to her art to a life filled with love and family. It’s a whole new world for Sam and her son, but will she welcome it with open arms or will she let the pain of her past take over only because it’s the only thing she knows?
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When Daniela Simmons' sister enters her name in the reality TV dating show, Paired in Paradise, the last thing Daniela expects is to be chosen as the Wild Card, the latest contestant added halfway through the show to compete for the heart of billionaire adventurer, Tyler Drake.

Now, whether she likes it or not, Daniela is going to be a reality TV star.

For Tyler, being the object of the women's affections has become exhausting. How can one truly know who's being real or not - including himself - with cameras constantly filming their every move and producers manipulating everything they say? But he's willing to coast through to the end of this fabricated fairy tale with whoever producers decide will be the best choice for him, even if it's just for the show. But that's before he meets the Wild Card…

Suddenly Tyler realizes that what's best for the show isn't necessarily the best choice for his heart.
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Since when did love stories only belong to the young? Did they have to end the moment one got married, had children and got saddled with a mortgage and college plans?

For Esme and Evan, their love story continues in Date Night, the title story of this short story collection featuring five short stories by Liz Durano. The stories range from sweet to spicy, from new beginnings to second chances.
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