Loving Riley


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Hollywood star Ashe Hunter has done many things to get ahead... some of them best kept hidden from the public eye.

But when someone from his past threatens to reveal his darkest secrets, how far will he go to keep them from the woman he loves?

To his fans, Ashe Hunter is the perfect man, the classically trained British actor taking Hollywood and Broadway by storm. To his American girlfriend, Riley Eames, he is a man in love who'll do anything to keep her safe from the prying eyes of paparazzi suddenly digging into her life.

But to someone from his past, Ashe is her ticket to Hollywood fame, and she'll do anything to get it even if it means tearing down the perfect image he built for himself long after he left her.

Loving Riley is the second novel in a series readers have called “beautiful,” heartbreaking,” and “full of shocking twists and turns.”


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The duet bundle featuring Ashe and Riley in one volume!

Meet Ashe and Riley and fall in love again.

Kiss Me, Mr. Hunter (Riley)
What He Knew (Ashe)
If I Loved You (Riley)
Barbed Wire (Gareth)
A Snag In Time (Millie Eames)
Private Lessons (Riley)

Loving Riley