Need: Drazen World Novella

Need: A Drazen World Novella

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My submission to his domination.
No strings. No commitments.

But as long as I know the stakes – that what we have is nothing more than a simple arrangement between two broken people, I'll give him what he needs

...and we'll both get what we want.

When a mutual friend gives Jonathan Drazen Sharon's phone number, she doesn't know what to expect. Would he be just like all the other wanna-be Doms who've taken more than she consented to give? Would he even know what the hell he was getting into?

But the man Sharon meets is nothing like she expects. For Jonathan Drazen is rich, powerful… and broken by a woman he loves more than anyone in the world.

And right now he needs someone to help him come back to himself and discover who he really is underneath the pain he hides so well…

A Dominant. A Sir.

A Master…

Need: Drazen World Novella