A Bit of a Revival and A Cover Reveal (of Sorts)

    This past week has been interesting. Ever since I opted out of renewing Loving Ashe for another year in Wattpad’s Paid Stories, it’s getting a bit of a revival seven years after I wrote and posted chapters live. I love that it’s accessible to everyone again and reading their comments is giving me that emotional boost I never thought I needed.

    Before it went back to being free to read, I had planned on recovering the series with illustrated images which I’ve noticed has been the trend with covers these days and went about getting that done. Unfortunately, the images didn’t turn out the way I wanted (they were still great though – just not what I ended up wanting in the end) and so I decided to do something else.

    I decided to revive its original cover when I first published it in 2015. So the version you’re seeing is the original published cover designed by Daniela Owergoor Art.

    Even better, she designed a matching cover for Loving Riley that’s never been released… until now, but only on Wattpad so far. What do you think?

    I think it captures the mood of Loving Riley, fresh while I was writing the book. It’s funny how when you first start writing, mainly out of love for the craft long before you discover that there’s more to writing (promotion, advertising, social media… stress), you end up being too close to your book but also very connected to it. You know its theme, the mood, the atmosphere more than anyone else. And for me, this was it. Only, I never got to use it because I then decided to change the cover for Loving Ashe to the white version that went live from 2017-2020.

    But this cover is live now on Wattpad and I love it more than all the covers I’ve had made for it. This couple was actually the inspiration for the characters of Ashe and Riley (the voice for Ashe was inspired by Richard Armitage as is the first chapter when he walks into the service elevator after a day of press).

    So there you have it, a walk down memory lane and a revival of one of my favorite couples before I return to the writing cave. Thanks so much for reading.

    If you haven’t read Loving Ashe, you can read it for free on Wattpad or listen to the audiobook which I’ll be posting shortly. You can also purchase a copy of the ebook, paperback or audiobook here.

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