A July Update

    It’s time for another update and finally, there’s good news!

    UNDAUNTED, my contribution to Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society world is Complete! 

    I submitted it a few days ago and now I wait for the approval and a release date.

    Undaunted features Claudia Romero who first appeared in Everything She Ever Wanted. She is Dax’s first love and Gabe’s cousin who worked as his manager in his medical clinic. It took me forever to find her story (19 months) but I finally did and I can’t wait for you to meet her and Trevor.

    Undaunted is my first book since lockdown and I am so proud of it… and very relieved to finally finish it!


    In my last newsletter, I asked readers whose story they’d like me to write next and most of you said Gabe, with Gareth as a close second (I have NOT forgotten him!).

    I had already planned to write Gabe’s story after Claudia’s and now that her story is done, he’s up next. I’ve always loved creating worlds in my stories and I love the world of the Drexel and the Vasquez families.

    I will be posting the chapters on Patreon for my patrons and as soon as the book is complete, I’ll be taking the chapters down and publishing it on Amazon (if the series is still enrolled in Kindle Unlimited then) and everywhere else (if it’s not exclusive to KU).

    The first chapter of WHERE SHE BELONGS will be posted during the first week of August.


    If you discovered me through Dax and Harlow, there’s a big chance you haven’t met Gareth, Ashe or Riley who belong to my Celebrity series, first published on Wattpad between 2015-2018. This series officially got me started along the path of self-publishing and the characters occupy a significant place in my heart. It’s why you hear me mention them now and then because their story isn’t complete.

    That’s where Gareth Roman comes in. His book has been next in the pipeline since 2017, way before Dax and Harlow, and in revisiting him next, I want to write the best story to close out the series. And because I wrote their stories on Wattpad first, I’m considering doing the same thing with Gareth’s book, but on Patreon.

    Gareth’s story will be a duet although with whom, I don’t know yet but I’m sure readers have an idea already, and may be dreading it. Whether or not it’s going to be “her”  remains to be seen.


    Last week or so, I announced in my newsletter that I had a story on Amazon’s Kindle Vella program. RETROGRADE is a romantic suspense I wrote a few years ago but never got around to releasing because it didn’t fit my branding anymore. So I thought Vella would be the perfect solution.

    Unfortunately, it wasn’t, not with my current writing schedule and my intention to stick to Gabe’s story, and then Gareth. So I’ve requested Retrograde be unpublished from the platform and they have agreed to remove it in 60 days.

    I’ll find another way to release it in its entirety next time or here on Patreon.


    In moving forward since my burnout, I’ve decided to focus only on the important things and that includes writing the stories I promised to finish (Gareth’s and Gabe’s for the next six months), and decreasing my time online. I will be posting mainly here on Patreon, the Facebook group (Library Cafe), and Twitter.

    And even though I thought I had to be on TikTok, the app leaves me majorly scattered it’s scary. I think that’s the intention of such apps anyway and so even though I have set up accounts there, I won’t be posting anything.

    I want to focus on creating stories and you can watch me do sprints on the Discord channel that comes with Patreon benefits. It’s a small channel where I often do my writing sprints and park my inspiration videos or music. I also play my book playlists on there!

    I hope you have a wonderful week! In the mean time, I’ll be organizing my Patreon so you can find things better because I sure couldn’t figure out how or why I categorize things the way I did back then!

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