A Look at July and What’s Up

I made a slight change to the ebook cover of Breaking the Rules. I brought the focus closer. That way, the digital cover would match the rest of the series. I did leave the original cover as is for the print version so you get to see his tattoo and his torso as well.

I’ve always liked the close-up version but readers voted for the full torso because… man chest. And it’s not what I want as an author, it’s what the audience wants. But upon looking at the series as a whole, it just didn’t gel at all. It bugged me to no end, just like the man and baby on the cover for Falling for Jordan, no matter how cute it was, bugged me constantly until I ended up changing it back to the stock photo of the cute blond guy.

So now, this is what the series looks like:

And I like it. There’s way more uniformity to the series even though ideally, it would have been nicer if Sawyer was closer. But that’s as far as I go with that one. The edit really isn’t as clean as it should be anyway and the resolution gets muddier the closer you get to the face.

Right now, I’m working on a holiday story for Caitlin and Campbell. Caitlin is Jordan’s sister and Campbell is his best friend. So it’s a friends-to-lovers story or brother’s best friend trope. It took me some time to find a temporary cover for it to help inspire me but I may have found one even if she doesn’t have red hair.

It’s a mockup, of course, and right now, the requirement for the box set that it will be published in is 25k to 30k words. Or is it 20k – 25k words? I can’t remember now but I finally outlined it from beginning to end on my own. It’s been tough outlining because I usually have strong beginnings but I falter around the finish line. I never get to that grand finale part where the couple gets back together after a temporary setback. But here’s hoping I got it right because I love the way the outline turned out!

I’m shooting for 35k – 40k words for the holiday novella with Cait and Campbell and then trim out the steamy scenes to fit the “behind closed doors” sex scenes requirement for the box set. I hate doing that but a part of me wants to experience how it feels to be in a box set even though at the same time, it messes up the series so much. I just hope readers will want to read Caitlin and Campbell’s story complete with the steamy scenes that didn’t make the box set when I release it on its own after the box set term ends.

But at least I can say I tried being in one and survived!

I’ll be updating my word count here as well as on my other blog so if you stumbled on this one, great! One of the other things I’ll be doing as well is migrating the Featured Author content I posted on my old author website three years ago to this one. I’d hate to see all that hard work go to waste when the three-year term expires and the site (LizMadridAuthor.com) will go dark.

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