Ashe and Riley Have Brand New Covers!

What better way to greet the holiday season than with a new look? Well, that’s what Ashe and Riley’s got going for them. Brand new covers!

I’ve been wanting to change their covers for some time now and finally, after a few tries with another cover designer, I decided I’d just do the covers myself using what I keep envisioning in my head that’s been difficult to relay to designers. Either they tell me it doesn’t work or it doesn’t look good.

So today, instead of writing the second book in my holiday romance series, I decided to sit down and do the covers myself. With more books coming for the series, I wanted to set up a template that I could use and that’s exactly what I did.

There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you manage to create something you saw inside your head and I’m really happy how these turned out. And finally, the cover model is the face I’ve been seeing inside my head all this time…

While going through the text of both books the other day, I couldn’t help but miss Ashe and Riley. I wrote their stories before I started becoming “self-aware” about plots and outlines and romance genre expectations. Of course, going through their story again made me realize that the Celebrity series (also known as the Loving Ashe Trilogy) was never meant to be a genre romance book. It’s more literary fiction with elements of women’s fiction, chick lit and romance. There’s also suspense.

It is what it is, and that’s why I love these books so much. That’s why I obsess over getting the covers right—and not just “right” but covers I actually want to have on my shelf. Covers I love.

And yes, I love these two. Very much.

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