The Other Side of Love

After her last relationship ends in disaster, Sarah Drexel swears off men and takes a job as a travel nurse in Shiprock, New Mexico. It’s far enough away from civilization to be recognized yet close enough to visit her family in Taos. Surely, no one can find her here, right?


Just when Sarah thinks she can conveniently run away from her past (again), environmental protection specialist Benny Turner walks into her clinic in need of stitches and a tetanus shot. They used to be friends back in college until the night she told him her deepest darkest secrets only to leave without saying goodbye.

But with Benny back in her life again, is she going to let her past mistakes tell her to run again? Or will she finally face her past-and her secrets-head-on and accept them as part of who she really is?

And will Benny accept them, too?


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Her Lucky Charm: A Friends to Lovers Romance

When Roxy’s alleged walk of shame goes viral, billionaire philanthropist Kodi Donovan comes up with a temporary plan he thinks will save her reputation. 

Neither of them counted on falling in love…

Did we or didn’t we?

That’s the million-dollar question when I wake up next to Kodiak “Kodi” Donovan the morning after a mutual friend’s St. Patrick’s Day wedding.

Forget that he’s one of the hottest bachelors in Manhattan, a billionaire, and as the founder of the nonprofit ReBuild to Heal, a philanthropist to boot.

And so we agree to go on with our respective lives and pretend nothing happened.

Too bad my walk of shame ends up getting plastered all over social media and the next thing I know, I’ve become #walkofshameroxy.

As if that isn’t bad enough, my job as an ICU nurse is in jeopardy, too.

Suddenly whether we did it or not is the least of our worries. To save my reputation, the only other question becomes…

…should we or shouldn’t we just take it all the way?

Every Breath is Live!

Environmental protection scientist Benny Turner has always managed to surprise his long-time love (and Valentine cynic) Sarah Drexel on Valentine’s Day. But when a toxic waste spill on tribal land requires him to travel out of state, for the first time since they’ve been together, they’ll have to spend Valentine’s Day apart.

But Benny has never been one to give up so easily. Determined to give Sarah a day she’ll never forget, he’ll move mountains to get back to her in time for Valentine’s Day… or even better, employ the help of friends and family to help him pull off his most ambitious plan yet. 

But Benny’s not the only one with a surprise up his sleeve. Sarah has one, too. 

This is a steamy Valentine’s Day novella featuring Dax’s sister Sarah Drexel and her longtime partner Benny Turner. It’s a slice-of-life story set in Taos, New Mexico where we first met Harlow and Dax in Everything She Ever Wanted.

Featuring characters you’ve met in previous books in A Different Kind of Love series, this story is guaranteed with steamy feels and no cliffhanger!