Doctor’s Orders

What happens when last year's one-night stand turns out to be the hottest doctor in your hometown?

You pretend you don't know him.

And that's exactly what Ava Turner does when she returns home after her mother has a minor emergency and runs into Parker O'Neill, Auburn Springs newest—and hottest—doctor.

Too bad it's not as easy to avoid him and pretend that their one-night stand never happened... or that sparks are flying like crazy between them.

For they sure are and while he's never forgotten her, she hasn't stopped thinking about him either.

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About the Book

What happens when last year’s one-night stand turns out to be the newest doctor in town?

You pretend you don’t know him.

And that’s exactly what senior copywriter Ava turner does when she runs into Auburn Spring’s new neurologist Parker O’Neill while visiting her mother at the hospital.

Too bad avoiding him is easier said than done, not when sparks are flying like crazy between them every time they’re together… and just as he’s never forgotten her, she hasn’t stopped thinking about him either.

But when an advertising project requires her to return to New York, Ava will need to decide whether getting that coveted corner office with a view of Manhattan is worth giving up everything she’s rediscovered during her visit home… like family and a chance at true love.


About the Author
Liz Durano

Liz Durano writes women's fiction and angst-filled romance. When she's not writing, she's usually trying her best not to step over her son's Lego blocks and drinking coffee to assuage the pain when she does. She lives in Southern California with her family, a Chihuahua mix rescued off the street, and way too many books she needs to start a catalog system for them.

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