Loving Ashe

A booty call. A stuck elevator. A chance to move on.

Three years after her ex-boyfriend left her to pursue his Hollywood dream, barista Riley Eames is still haunted by questions only he can answer. So when he asks to meet her for a booty call, she reluctantly agrees – only to get stuck in the hotel elevator with British actor, Ashe Hunter. He's gorgeous, polite, and before the night is over, smitten with the woman who has no idea who he is.

But even as sparks fly between them, it’s going to take more than a celebrity romance to get Riley’s life moving again for the ex-boyfriend is back in town and with him, the answers to the questions that will change Riley’s life forever.

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About the Book

“A quick enjoyable read and a lovely fantasy. This book had echoes of a modern-day “Cinderella” tale, but edgier.” -Abby Vegas, author of Clean Break

“If you love well-written, beautifully conflicted chic-lit, you’re gonna love Liz Madrid’s book. I read it serially on the fabulous Wattpad where I discovered this lovely, warm-hearted writer. She brings to this adorable, yet serious, yet light-hearted romance a deep humanity that defines the novel and its author. Discover Ashe and fall in love with him the way I did and then see how hard it is to find that love, trust it and fall in love again.” – Mary L. Tabor, author of The Woman Who Never Cooked

Series: Celebrity, Book 1
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Women's Fiction
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Velvet Madrid Books
Publication Year: 2015
Length: Novel
Narrator: Tracy Marks
ISBN: 9781541241732
List Price: 12.99
eBook Price: 2.99
Audiobook Price: 14.99
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