Wild Card

Wild Card

When Daniela Simmons’ sister enters her name in the reality TV dating show, Paired in Paradise, the last thing Daniela expects is to be chosen as the Wild Card, the latest contestant added halfway through the show to compete for the heart of billionaire adventurer, Tyler Drake.

Now, whether she likes it or not, Daniela is going to be a reality TV star.

For Tyler, being the object of the women’s affections has become exhausting. How can one truly know who’s being real or not – including himself – with cameras constantly filming their every move and producers manipulating everything they say? But he’s willing to coast through to the end of this fabricated fairy tale with whoever producers decide will be the best choice for him, even if it’s just for the show.

But that’s before he meets the Wild Card…

Suddenly Tyler realizes that what’s best for the show isn’t necessarily the best choice for his heart.

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About the Book

I originally wrote Wild Card for a Wattpad “Inspired by a fairy tale” type of contest with a word limit of 10,000 words.

But while writing Daniella and Tyler’s story, I realized early on that 10,000 words was not going to be enough to tell their already-short story. I did post it and people got to read it and loved it but halfway through the initial voting, I pulled down the story from the competition and expanded it to the story you see now.

It’s still “short” and maybe one day, I’ll expand it. But I love the story just the way it is, about a young woman who’s smart, resilient, and filled with so much hope even though life kinda dealt her a bad hand. And sometimes, if a story like hers can be told in 17,000 words just fine, maybe it’s best to leave it the way it is.

Series: Standalones
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Tag: Recommended Books
Publisher: Velvet Madrid Books
ISBN: 9781370581368
eBook Price: 0.99
I am not sure why Amazon calls it a "A Clean and Wholesome Romance" - call me weired but I almost did not take the book because that sounded kind of strange .... I mean everybody has genres he tends to avoid and when a book is called "a christian romance" or "a clean and wholesome romance" it would normally not be a book I would choose ... AND in this case that would have been a mistake because for such a supershort story it was a really good read. I was surprised to be honest ... there is not time for depth in a short book like this but somehow it worked well without it.
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About the Author
Liz Durano

Liz Durano writes women's fiction and angst-filled romance. When she's not writing, she's usually trying her best not to step over her son's Lego blocks and drinking coffee to assuage the pain when she does. She lives in Southern California with her family, a Chihuahua mix rescued off the street, and way too many books she needs to start a catalog system for them.

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