Breaking the Rules is LIVE

It’s here! Breaking the Rules, the third book in A Different Kind of Love series is LIVE! It’s only taken me more than a year to write Sawyer’s story partly because I wasn’t sure how a story about PTSD and suicide would go over with readers. So I walked away and wrote Addison and Jordan’s story instead, one that was lighthearted.

But if I thought doing that would take my mind of Sawyer, I was so wrong. Characters often bug me and bug me until I drop everything and write their story and Sawyer and Alma are no exception. I hope you’ll enjoy their story.

In the meantime, here’s the rest of the blurb!

Not all promises are made to be broken…

Marine Sawyer Villier has always preferred to keep his life simple and commitment-free. It’s why he lives off the grid in Taos, New Mexico when he’s not guarding billionaires.

But when he runs into his best friend’s widow during a stopover in LA, Sawyer realizes there’s one commitment he’s failed to keep, one he made to the man who saved his life in a time he’s sworn to forget.

But Sawyer’s not the only one having a problem with promises…

Single mother Alma Thomas wishes she could forget the moment when she had to choose between standing by the man she loved or saving herself and their unborn child. After a year spent keeping his secrets safe, all she wants now is to move on.

But when Sawyer reappears in her life determined to honor his promises, will Alma be willing to let go of her own?

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