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Doctor’s Orders: Chapter Three

Ava Thanks to Parker, I slept so soundly that I didn’t even wake up when the nurses came in to check on Mom’s vitals. But with my body still operating on East Coast time—and my growing anxiety over Mom’s surgery—I’m up by five in the morning. Even the nurse is surprised to see me emerge…
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Doctor’s Orders: Chapter Two

Parker I step into the elevator twenty minutes later, walking as if in a daze. My Las Vegas one-night stand right here in Auburn Springs? And she’s a local? Just how crazy—no, perfect—is that? When I woke up to find her gone from my hotel room almost a year ago, she left me with nothing…
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Doctor’s Orders: Chapter One

Ava My flight is the last one to land at Sacramento Airport. From there, I rent a car and drive for another hour to Auburn Springs, a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains. With my eyes intent on the road, I barely notice all the beauty around me, from the pine trees that dot…
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Doctor’s Orders: Prologue

Las Vegas, a year earlier Ava I shouldn’t have answered the call. I should have let it go to voicemail and enjoy my time with my mother in Auburn Springs. But I did, and after listening to my panicked boss begging me to go to the Las Vegas conference in his place, here I am…
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Doctor’s Orders: A Second Chance Romance

When last year’s one-night stand turns out to be Auburn Springs’ newest—and hottest—doctor, senior copywriter Ava must decide whether her big city ambitions are more important than being with family and a chance at something more… permanent.

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