Coming Soon: Her Lucky Charm

Teaser for upcoming book featuring a woman in bed thinking and a mockup of a book featuring a bearded man on the cover.

Did we or didn’t we?

That’s the million-dollar question when I wake up next to Kodiak “Kodi” Donovan the morning after a mutual friend’s wedding.

Forget that he’s one of the most eligible bachelors of Manhattan. He also happens to be the founder of the nonprofit organization ReBuild to Heal.

And so we decide to pretend nothing happened. We agree to go on with our respective lives.

None of us spot the paparazzi who photograph us leaving Kodi’s brownstone together.

Within hours, my walk of shame is plastered all over gossip sites and my job as an ICU nurse is in jeopardy, thanks to some morality clause attached to my employment contract.

Suddenly whether we did it or not is the least of our worries.

To save my reputation, the next question becomes… should we or shouldn’t we just take it all the way?

I’ve always been intrigued by characters who simply pop up in my stories. Some of them usually fade in the background after the story is done while others continue on. Usually readers ask about her or him, “Will he/she be having his/her own story?” Some do and some don’t.

In this case, she does, and I can’t wait for you to meet Roxy again!

If you haven’t met Roxy before, she is a character who appears in Caitlin and Campbell’s book Friends with Benefits. When she’s not caring for patients in the Intensive Care Unit of Miller General, she’s usually bartending or playing matchmaker to her friends (with not so excellent results).

She’s wild and funny and while her story is really outside the fringes of A Different Kind of Love series (Addison and Jordan’s story definitely begins the trend and this is part of that “branch”), it’s been a lot of fun to write!

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