Hot Boy Summer Romance Anthology is LIVE!

    Hot Boy Summer: A Charity Anthology is a collection of brand new stories from 30 amazingly talented authors. Each brings their own unique take on the connections we form when we live wildly under the guise of momentary fervor. Poolside cocktails with little umbrellas, island vacations, toes in the sand, and the shirtless hot boy making eye contact with you from across the way. Dive in and experience the sizzling passion that erupts in the heat of a fleeting summer.

    My contribution to the charity anthology is HUDSON, a reverse age gap romance featuring Arden, a photojournalist who runs into the boy she babysat one summer 10 years earlier and he’s definitely all grown up now!

    Hot Boy Summer is available on all retailers for a limited time!

    *Hot Boy Summer is a limited time anthology. All proceeds will be donated to children’s charities.*

    Alys Fraser・Amie Knight・Ashley Cade・C.M. Radcliff・C.M. Steele・Cary Hart・Christy Pastore・Claire Hastings・Cynthia A. Rodriguez・Elena M. Reyes・Ellie Isaacson・Fabiola Francisco・J.R. Rogue・K Leigh・Kat Savage・Kat Singleton・Kate Bailey・Liz Durano・Lori Worley・Mae Harden・Persephone Autumn・Shaw Hart・Shannon O’Connor ・S.A. Clayton・Stephanie Nichole・Trish Anderson・Victoria Ellis・Whitley Cox・Zoey Drake

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