Oh My! All the Alerts!

    Yikes! I clicked one button and before I knew it, Patreon posted all my old content to the blog as new blog posts and you may have found your inbox inundated by so many alerts. I just turned Patreon off and deleted the old posts, but the damage is done and I apologize for all the alerts! So much for technology, eh?

    On one hand, it’s amazing. On the other, you find your inbox filled with so many emails from me linking to posts that no longer exist because they were also WIP chapters of books that are now in Kindle Unlimited so they can’t be available anywhere but Amazon. Thank goodness I was in the middle of setting my kid up for his Zoom meeting when the alerts started on my phone. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience and for flooding your inbox with so many notifications. I lost count myself.

    Before you go, I’d like to give a quick update on what’s going on.

    I unpublished Other Side of Love and Every Breath.

    Benny’s books have been unpublished. Every Breath will be available to newsletter subscribers only while Other Side of Love is being revised and also continued. I had originally planned on releasing a second book to continue Benny and Sarah’s story but that wasn’t exactly ideal.

    I am currently fixing the timeline for A Different Kind of Love series.

    I’ve never been one to write stories with a series already in mind – I’ve always been the type of writer who just likes to tell a story and then move on to the next one. But after receiving feedback from observant readers about how my timeline between books is off and characters’ ages are also off, I finally sat down and with the help of software, began making a timeline for the Drexel family and their friends. I’ve always been bad with ages and the software I’m using (Aeon Timeline) has certainly helped.

    Gabe’s book is on hold.

    While I’m fixing said timeline, I’ve had to set aside Gabe’s book in order to finish Other Side of Love which incorporates events crucial to the future books.

    My current WIP is set in Corinne Michaels’ Salvation Society World featuring Sawyer’s friend, Sage.

    Retribution is what I’m working on now and it will be released (if I make my deadline) in December 2020. You first met Sage in Breaking the Rules. She was Sawyer’s massage therapist and on-and-off lover who will soon find herself in the world of Salvation Society. I hope you will join me on this new adventure. Please join the Salvation Society Readers Facebook Hangout to learn more about the series and the upcoming books in the world.

    I’m striving to be kinder to myself.

    After missing most of my deadlines in 2019 due to some personal issues, I thought I’d do better in 2020. I had 4 books and numerous novellas scheduled – and then everything happened. With my 10-year-old doing distance learning for the last 12 weeks (10 of the 12 weeks since school closed and classes were done at home), it’s been difficult to focus. He’s got at least three to four online sessions with teachers and specialists every day (he’s on the spectrum) and it’s been tough for me to make sure he doesn’t miss any of them as well as be on hand in case he has issues.

    I can write my thoughts and ideas, true, but focusing has been really tough. Some days I tell myself I’m just making one excuse after another for missing my deadline – if other parents can write and release their books during this pandemic, surely I can, too – while other days, I’m a lot kinder to myself. Unfortunately the latter is rare and I end up still beating myself up over missed deadlines. Recently I’ve started journaling to remind myself to slow down and be kind.

    Anyway, thank you so much for being one of my readers (whether it’s my books or my blog) and again, I apologize for the technological glitch (due to user error) this morning.

    Take care and stay safe!




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