Loving Ashe Is Now Part of Wattpad Paid Stories!

    Just a quick announcement that Loving Ashe, Book 1 of the Celebrity Series is now part of Wattpad Paid Stories. This means that while the paperback and audiobook versions are still available to purchase online, the digital version can only be read on Wattpad app or on the website. I’m very excited to be part of Wattpad Paid Stories and I hope you’ll check out Loving Ashe (if you haven’t already!) and my other stories (the others are all free to read) as well as discover other authors.

    To read Loving Ashe, you can either unlock it in parts or the whole story. Coins are sold in packages of 15, 99, 325, or 533 coins. The more coins you buy, the more value you get. I think it ranges from .02 per coin when you buy 533 coins up to .07 if you buy 15. I usually buy in packs of 533 at a time because I like unlocking whole stories in one go.

    I got my start on Wattpad back in 2012 when a friend told me I should post my stories on there. Back then, I wrote fan fiction in order to get better at the craft of writing. In 2013, I started posting original stories like Finding Sam and in 2014, I posted Loving Ashe as part of the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) challenge. Spoiler: I won NaNoWriMo that year with a fully formed story filled with heart and angst.

    I’ve met so many wonderful people on Wattpad from the time I started out and even now, it feels like coming home whenever I pop in to say hi or post a new story. Thanks to some wonderful writers, both already-published, traditional or indie, as well as newbie authors like me, they gave me the moral and emotional support I never knew I needed.

    So I hope you check out Loving Ashe and other stories on Wattpad. I’d love to see you there!

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