“Can you keep a secret?”

After her last relationship ends in disaster, nurse Sarah Drexel swears off men and takes a job in Shiprock, New Mexico hoping no one will recognize her.

But that’s before half-Navajo environmental protection specialist Benny Turner walks into her clinic in need of stitches and a tetanus shot. They used to be friends back in college until the night she told him her deepest darkest secrets and they haven’t seen each other since.

With Benny back in her life again, will Sarah let her past mistakes dictate her worth… or, if her ex-boyfriend is to believed, lack of? Or will she finally face her past—and her secrets—and accept them as part of who she is?

And will Benny accept them, too?



This is a prequel to the world introduced in Everything she Ever Wanted with events happening ten years before Dax met Harlow. It’s also standalone so you don’t need to have read Everything She Ever Wanted first.

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