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The Other Side of Love: Chapter Four

Benny I didn’t mean to fall asleep as soon as we arrive at my apartment but that’s exactly what happens. Whatever stuff they put in those tetanus vaccines, it’s strong enough to make me feel like shit. But Sarah also told me it’s more likely the adrenaline from this morning’s accident had worn off and…
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The Other Side of Love: Chapter Three

SARAH For someone I haven’t seen since I moved here two months ago, I suddenly can’t turn around without bumping into Benny. In this case, twice on the same day. Is that why my heart is beating as if I’ve just completed a sprint? “Hey,” I say as he gets out of his truck. His left…
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The Other Side of Love: Chapter Two

BENNY Small world. Who’d have thought Sarah Drexel would be working right here in Shiprock? Hell, I didn’t, not in a million years. I first met her at a coffee shop in Albuquerque four years ago when she was studying Nursing and I was working toward my Masters in Environmental Sciences. The place was packed,…
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The Other Side of Love: Chapter One

SARAH “Visiting your family after this?” I turn to see Melina, the nurse supervisor writing down notes on the whiteboard behind the nurses’ station. With my shift ending in five minutes, she’s writing down which nurse or doctor will have what room for the next shift. “Yup. After I get done with my nap.” I…
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The Other Side of Love

After her last relationship ends in disaster, Sarah Drexel swears off men and takes a job as a travel nurse in Shiprock, New Mexico. It’s far enough away from civilization to be recognized yet close enough to visit her family in Taos. Surely, no one can find her here, right? Wrong. Just when Sarah thinks…
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