All she wants is to live life on her own terms
All he wishes for is that she not burn down his cabin in the process…

Heiress Summer Avila is tired of everyone thinking they can run her life.
From her father who’s determined to marry her off to the son of one of his business partners to her mother who thinks she’ll get used to being a socialite like all her friends in no time, all Summer wants is to live her life on her own terms—even if she has to run away to do it.

Too bad there’s no central heating inside the rustic cabin she rented for the next five days. Instead, there’s only a wood stove for warmth, kindling and a stack of firewood like she’s supposed to know the first thing about starting a fire.

For Marine and mountain guide Forrest Peters, all he wants is to enjoy his Christmas in peace with his family. But when a guest shows up at his doorstep clueless about how to start her wood stove, Forrest can’t stop thinking of the worst-case scenarios that could happen with someone who’s never been around a wood stove before.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the more he finds himself spending time with Summer, the more he finds himself wanting to start a different kind of fire with her.

But why does he get a nagging suspicion that she’s running away from something… or someone?