Week 19: What I’m Working On

    Life has been pretty crazy since the lockdown with my son’s schooling going online and whatever writing time I’d carved out for myself before the lockdown is completely gone. Nothing I can do there but what I can do is adjust to the change.

    Right now, I’m working on Gabe’s book which hasn’t been as easy as I thought it would be. I’m also trying not to be distracted by other smaller projects like novellas and short stories that keep calling my name. We’re quick, they say, and you’ll get done in less time writing 15k words than writing 75k. Only they’re not as quick as they claim to be. Short stories are actually oftentimes harder to pull off for me because I want every element found in my longer stories to still be present in my shorter ones. No matter how long or short my story is, I want the heart, the angst… the happily ever after.

    So Gabe it is, and I hope you’ll enjoy his book. I’ll set a preorder date as soon as I’m comfortable knowing I won’t have any issues releasing it on time. After Gabe, I’ll be writing another Harlow and Dax book. I do want to find out what they’re doing years after they first met and the only way I can sate my curiosity is to “visit” with them again.

    But writing isn’t all I’ve been doing. I’ve started watching some shows, too. I’m currently watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix and adore the writing. Before that, I watched Epix channel’s War of the Worlds series which starred Gabriel Byrne and Elizabeth McGovern. Dark and bleak, that was, but I liked that it involved an international cast, British and French as the settings involve both countries as well. I just hope it will get picked up for another season. Last night, I started watching Netflix’s The Half of It and hopefully I’ll finish it today. That’s a cute one, too. 

    What about you? What shows have you been watching? What new books or authors have you discovered lately? Any favorite recipes? Do share them below in the comments! I’d love to keep in touch!

    I’ve been gardening, too!



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