"You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel every emotion there is within the first few chapters of this book and will continue on until the very last page." -Michelle Jo Quinn, author of Confessions of a Wedding Planner and the bestselling Bliss Series

"I love Liz Durano's real romance style of writing. I love her imperfect characters and how beautifully alive her locations feel. I've never been to Taos but someday when I go I'll feel like I'm coming home. Loved the book!" - Carly Quinn, author of Solitude and Kawaipuna Cottage

"She brings to this adorable, yet serious, yet light-hearted romance a deep humanity that defines the novel and its author. Discover Ashe and fall in love with him the way I did and then see how hard it is to find that love, trust it and fall in love again." - Mary L. Tabor, author of The Woman Who Never Cooked

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